The Sustainable Material Expo Tokyo is an annual trade fair held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo, Japan. Makuhari Messe is one of Japan’s most prominent exhibition centers. The event is organized by RX Japan Ltd., a renowned trade fair organizer specializing in various industry sectors.

The Sustainable Material Expo focuses on presenting sustainable materials, products, and services from diverse industries such as construction, packaging, fashion, furniture, and electronics.

Various exhibition areas showcase numerous products, materials, and services that support sustainability and environmentally friendly technologies.

These include eco-friendly building materials, energy-efficient insulation, green roofs, sustainable wood products, and solar technologies. Biodegradable packaging, recyclable materials, eco-friendly printing inks, and sustainable packaging designs are also featured, along with environmentally friendly textiles, organic cotton, recycled fibers, ethically produced clothing, and sustainable fashion accessories.

Visitors can also discover sustainably manufactured furniture, recycled materials, eco-friendly paints and coatings, modular and durable design concepts, and energy-efficient devices. Additionally, they can explore electronic waste recycling, environmentally friendly batteries, and solar technology for mobile devices.

The fair places great emphasis on innovation, environmental protection, and efficient resource use. The expo is held in the spring at INTEX Osaka and in the fall at Chiba near Tokyo. It is part of the Highly-functional Material Week, a series of events focusing on various materials and their applications. By hosting the event at two different locations, more professionals from various regions of Japan and the world can participate and benefit from the latest developments and innovations in sustainable materials.

The expo also provides a platform for knowledge transfer and networking. Experts from industry, research institutions, and non-profit organizations deliver lectures, present case studies, and provide insights into current research findings and future trends in sustainability.

The Sustainable Material Expo Tokyo will take place on 3 days from Wednesday, 04. October to Friday, 06. October 2023 in Chiba.

ECOEVER is honored to participate at the location: at booth No. 29-28, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

Please scan the QR to register to attend the Exhibition.

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