ISO 22000:2018 and HACCP Certification

Ecoever Co., Ltd. always strives every day to materialize the vision of “Becoming a leading symbol of truth in the field of providing environmentally friendly packaging products and solutions for society”, thus, building a scientific management system according to international standards is always our top priority. On November 29th, 2023, Ecoever successfully achieved certification of the Food Safety Management system according to ISO 22000:2018 and HACCP standards by Bureau Veritas Company – the world’s leading organization and the National Standards Association (ISO) verified.

November 29th, 2023 became a significant milestone in the history of Ecoever Co., Ltd., when the company achieved ISO 22000:2018 and HACCP certification. This is an international standard for Food Safety Management that minimizes food hygene risks, synchronizes professional manufacturing processes to achieve international quality, and realizes supply chain development in packaging products for safe food.

Ecoever Co., Ltd. has continuously invested in developing production line systems, modernizing technology and improving product quality. In addition, with a team of professional staff and employees operating synchronously to international standards, Ecoever is proud of its perfect service and products. All of that has helped build a new brand worldwide, enhance the value of existing brands and drive business regionally and globally.

Benefits of ISO 22000:2018 at Ecoever Company Limited:

  • Regulatory compliance: We are committed to complying with all requirements and regulations of ISO 22000:2018 standards to ensure safety and compliance with production processes according to the highest standards.
  • Food safety: ISO 22000:2018 management system helps us ensure that all production and packaging processes are carried out with strict control, thereby ensuring safety and high quality of products.
  • Building trust: The ISO 22000:2018 quality management system is a solid guarantee for building trust and reputation with customers while also opening up opportunities for sustainable development in the market.

Always have a companion with valued customers:

With a professional team and many years of experience in the packaging manufacturing industry, we are committed to giving you absolute satisfaction and trust. The ISO 22000:2018 quality management system is clear evidence of Ecoever’s commitment to meeting customer expectations.

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