Open letter

Dear Customers and Partners,

Ecoever Company Limited (EEV) was established in 2019 with the participation of enterprises and individuals with many years of experience in production and business, import and export activities from Vietnam and Japan.

It is recognized that circular economy is the right approach towards modern society. Undoubtedly, economic growth should go hand in hand with the mission of protecting the environment and creating a more civilized, happy and friendly society. This is also the mission and vision of our board of directors who aspire to build a business philosophy and a culture of unity among team members, laying the foundation and development of EEV

Sustainable growth can only be achieved by building the best operating system and platform. Therefore, EEV has continuously invested in manufacturing plants, product research and development, branding and most importantly, human resources.

We believe that, with experience and the collectivist culture, EEV will be associated with the development and prosperity of customers, partners, society, employees and shareholders, thereby implementing and spreading the spirit of dedication for a better tomorrow.

We wish our customers and partners health, happiness and success.