Sustainable development goals (SGDs)

The SDGs set out a positive vision for the future, but it will need collective action to get there. It is in the interest of business, government and civil society alike to accelerate progress towards this vision. We have identified the areas where EEV has the biggest potential to contribute to the SDGs, given the nature and scale of our business.

Green Production

In recent years, ocean and land pollution has become a major social issue. At EEV, we take environmental impacts seriously. We ensure our factory meets environmental standards, adopts waste treatment practices and makes use of sustainable resources. One of our main materials is bagasse, which is an agricultural by-product derived from the sugarcane milling process. Hence, utilizing such resource is significantly more environmental-friendly than using wood plants and chemicals in the manufacture of paper products.

Furthermore, our bagasse products have the advantage of biodegrading after use because of they are deprived from plant. Thus, bagasse products reduce marine debris and all forms of marine as well as land pollution. Offering an alternative to plastics, EEV hopes to contribute to protect our ecosystem from negative impacts of petroleum-based products.

Human and community development

In addition to contributing to the state budget, EEV also creates jobs and helps improve the lives of local people. At the same time, we also spend a part of the profits to develop the community through charity activities that provide support for individuals to overcome difficulties and rise in life.

Building a sustainable business environment

Aiming for an inclusive, sustainable and productive growth model, as well as creating a fairer, more efficient and inclusive labor market, ensuring decent work and opportunities for all.